Free 3D Embeddable Widget

3D Travel has launched a free embeddable widget of its 3D destination experiences, allowing anyone with a website — bloggers, travel publications, community groups, travel agents, retailers and restaurants, travel wholesalers, real estate agents, tourism authorities, tourists themselves, anyone — to add engaging, sticky virtual-location experiences to their websites.  Just imagine your hotel or attraction in stunning 3D shared on your partner web sites throughout the world.  

3D Travel Widgets can be accessed from any location on any 3D Travel site, including,, and Users can also embed all locations that exist on any of our 3D Private Label client sites.

A 3D Widget can be added to any website in just four easy steps:

  1. Click "View Site" on any location within any 3D Travel web site.
  2. Click on "Want to embed this location on your site?".
  3. Enter your name and email,  then choose a widget size from the pop-up menu and copy the automatically-generated code.
  4. Paste the code anywhere on your own website and let your visitors enjoy spectacular, content rich 3d experiences.

Users can create as many 3D experiences on as many webpages as they like. Resorts, attractions, beaches,  surf breaks, hiking trails, landmarks — whatever their interest.